Doves vs Pigeons

Hello everyone!

In the beginning, before I fully introduce you to my story, I would like you to watch the 20s video, which reflects the sound I’ve been woken up by, for the past month or so.

I’ve recently moved in to a flat on the fourth floor, and I didn’t realize I could be surprised by a cooing problem. As you may imagine, pigeons have lately become very fond of my balcony. Since I’m not a huge fan of birds, I’m actually frightened of them, (ever since I saw “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock), I reacted instantly.

This is only one per cent of what I had to fight with:


The main battle was extremely difficult for me. Or maybe disgusting would be a better word here. Multiply what you see in the picture by a thousand, then you’ll imagine my struggle.
Luckily, the day I decided to fight my enemy was sunny and bright, which helped me to bear the discomfort.

As you can see, despite the circumstances, I was pretty cheerful:


Having asked plenty of people about their solutions to my problem, I decided to go with the easy-peasy. I stuck images of raptors, which were supposed to scare the pigeons off. Honestly, I didn’t believe that they could be so stupid not to realize that this is just an image:


As it turned out though, they were stupid enough, and my easy-peasy worked 🙂

Unfortunately, not for long. The pigeons abandoned one side of the balcony in order to occupy the other. By that time, I became already obsessed with them, and especially the sound they make.

I kept on wondering, what could be the other way to get rid of them. And then I realized that I have something that can be of some help.

My witch:


This is a doll I got from my father when I was a little girl. I never used it for anything, until now. I thought that, with the wind blowing, the witch stands a chance of scarying the birds.

Knowing the proverb “better safe than sorry”, I stuck one more raptor picture.


And this is where the story goes off. Today in the morning, at 7.20 am, I was woken up by the hated sound. I quickly ran up to the balcony, and my nightmare came true. There were two huuuge pigeons walking around the green carpet, cooing cheerfully, feeling absolutely no embarassement or fear because of a human screaming at them to leave.

This post’s purpose is to warn you, that pigeons are evil animal beings and that they do not deserve our pity. I would also like to get some comments from you, hoping that you have some ideas on how to get rid of those horrible creatures.

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One Response to Doves vs Pigeons

  1. newshpPaul says:

    A shotgun? Rat poison?

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