as I am supposed to write posts concerning arts and culture, I’ve decided to start with a description of my weekend in Wroclaw that took place in February this year. On Saturday the 15th there was a premiere of the theatre play Dziady in Teatr Polski. Luckily, I had a pleasure of watching the play. I was so happy to be a part of this experience especially because it was a premiere and it isn’t very often that I’m able to attend a premiere of anything, not to mention an important cultural event.


The director of a play is Michał Zadara, he is a young and successful director who directed a lot of plays in Warszawa, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin. It was the first time that I was going to see a play directed by him so I was very excited.

I came to Wroclaw with my friend and on our way from Poznan, in a train, we happened to meet two theatre critics in our compartment. They were also going to see the premiere and we shared our hopes for the play to be very interesting and absorbing. Our hopes were high especially because we realized that the play is going to last 5 hours, so it is quite a long time to sit in one place and stay focused on what is going on on the stage. Although, I found out that the director is planning to make a play in 2016 that will last 12 hours, so I thought that maybe 5 hours is not as long as it may seem.

The play was very modern and set in today’s realities. It seems that Dziady is a book that can still tell a lot about our society. The director used cameras, and there was a moment when the audience wasn’t able to see anything on stage, only on the screens that were installed on the left and right. For a long time everything that happened on the stage was filmed by the night-vision aid and played on the screens. As you can see, the story of Dziady was approached in a very up-to-date manner. Some people from the audience couldn’t stand it and they left during the second act, commenting aloud that this is an insult for the Polish tradition. So, there was a pinch of controversy during the performance.


I especially enjoyed the part of the play when the actors performed a part of the drama that I know from high school. My absolutely favourite character was Zosia, played by Sylwia Boroń. I don’t know if you remember, but she is the girl with a sheep and a butterfly, and she is supposed to be the ethereal, fair hair and generally associated with the countryside. Well, first of all, in the play Zosia was hanging in the air and she wasn’t able to touch the ground, which was very effective. Also, she smoked a cigarette and she shouted like crazy all the time, so she couldn’t be further from being ethereal.


The other scene that I will definitely remember for a long time was the last act, which lasted for 1,5 hour and it basically belonged to one actor, Bartosz Porczyk. He played Gustaw and he had a monologue, and honestly he was talking all the time during this act. The audience was astonished. I wonder how he was able to memorize such a huge amount of text.


At the end of the play I was a little bit confused, a little bit tired and very, very hungry. Fortunately, I was there with the students of The School of Performing Arts so I had a chance to attend a banquet after the play. The food was delicious and I had a possibility to talk to the actors, so I was very happy and grateful for this opportunity.


Here is a teaser of the play. The note that they didn’t do any cuts to the text sounds a little bit like a threat 😉 And actually it was quite challenging, but definitely worth it. If you happen to be in Wroclaw, go and test yourself!

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