I’ve come up with an idea to write my posts about health curiosities. I draw much of my inspirations from my older sister who always gives me pieces of advice on how to maintain health. Her revelations are often really useful and interesting, but sometimes they seem funny and wired.

Today I want to tell you about apricot kernels. Have you ever heard about the benefits of eating them?

I’ve never heard that the kernels of this fruit can be so nutritious since my sister bought me a packet of apricot kernels and said that I should take one a day. To be honest,  it didn’t seem convincing to me to eat them as not only their taste’s kind of bitter, but they’re also so small that I couldn’t believe in their healthy values.


But, my sister got round me to eat them. Why? I’m going to tell you that.

An apricot kernel, which is the inside part of the seed, is a great source of many vitamins like potassium, phosphorus, iron and more importantly B17.

Here vitamin B17 seems to be the most compelling reason for consuming bitter kernels. B17, called also amygdaline, is really essential to your overall health. When you provide your organism with this vitamin, you can strengthen your immune system. So a nasty bout of flu is less likely to catch you.

Anything else? Surprisingly yes! An adequate intake of B17 helps maintain the normal Ph level. So you can create a friendly environment for your body’s organs and be sure that your kidneys will function properly. What is also interesting about vitamin B17 is that it is often a missing substance from our daily diet that can ward cancer off.  That sounds appealing to eat bitter kernels and protect your organism against this awful disease.


There is also one thing that I find curious – you need to eat only one kernel a day, not more! This was strange to me why I can’t eat few in one day and forget about them in other days. Unfortunately bitter kernels contain small traces of cyanide. This means that when you dare to eat them in large quantities, you may complain of nausea, develop fever or even sink into coma. An abnormal intake of apricot kernels may simply poison you. Can you believe that?

That’s why the moment you decide to try them, keep in mind that you can’t turn into a kernel addict.

Do you think that these apricot kernels can be beneficial to you even though they have a chemical compound?

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