Basia – whenever I see her waist, I regret all the food I’ve eaten that had more than 5 calories. Her pictures from dancing contests are just mesmerizing!

1. Name ten of your best traits of character.

Creativity, open-mindedness, craziness, intelligence, optimism, hard working, reliable, emotionality, and I’m a good listener.

2.How are you, really?

I’m really fine. I can see a bright future ahead of me and a lot of changes are going to take place in my life, so I’m looking forward to them.

3. What’s your favourite joke? 

I have one, it’s absolutely not funny but I love it!

Two doughnuts are talking. One asks the other:

– Hey, doughnut, where are you planning to study?

And the other one answers:

– I’m not planning to study. I’m a doughnut.

4. What happens if Pinocchio says ‘my nose is going to grow now’?

Well, obviously that means that he’s going to tell lies, but the person to whom he will tell it will know that he’s lying because of the evidence – the growing nose. So, maybe, if the conversation is about some important matters, Pinocchio’s interlocutor will find out some important facts from Pinocchio’s life or maybe he will conclude what Pinocchio really thinks or how he feels, by seeing that he tells just the opposite. And it can be a great start to a very good conversation about what’s important for Pinocchio, and maybe it will be one of the best conversations in his life.

5. If you think of your future home – how does it look?

It’s cozy. It has big windows, the living room is very big and bright and one wall is windows only. There is a perfect kitchen with dried herbs on the walls. There is only one floor, and the home isn’t too big. There are fresh flowers in the kitchen and in the living room. There are lots of books everywhere, but not in a mess of course. And there’s a dressing room! It has a big garden, both in front of the house and the backyard.

 6. Have you ever spent a lot of money on a thing that you didn’t really need, but you wanted it very very much?

Every time when I go shopping for clothes :P.

7. Invisibility or flight? Why? 

Flight. It would be perfect to be able to change places in this way. I suppose that I would feel free and happy if I was able to fly. And I could visit so many places, and admire the views and the nature while flying.

8. Have you ever dreamt of you flying? How was it? 

I can’t remember now, but I remember this book and film about Mary Poppins, she was a nanny and she could fly using her umbrella… I was enraptured with her story! Usually I have more down-to-earth dreams than flying.

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I’m proud of dancing in the semi-final of Polish Championships in Latin-American Dancing in class B in 2012. It is my best achievement as far as dancing goes and me and my partner worked really hard to achieve this goal.

10. What have you learned today?

To love the life :).  I learn it every day from the beginning.

11. Vodka, wine, beer or a drink? Why?

It depends, but generally I would say a drink.

12. Afraid of spiders?

Yes, but now less than I used to be. My parents once told me that they were in Greece during their honeymoon and one day they a big spider came to their room. My dad panicked and didn’t know what to do and my mum just killed it with a drawer 😉 so when I see a spider and when I am afraid of it I try to think how brave my mum was back then and that gives me strength to be brave as well when I face a spider ;).

13. Have you ever been in a fist fight? How was it?

No, I haven’t! Violence is never a good idea ;).

14. How would you explain your basic life philosophy? 

Generally, don’t try to be happy, just BE happy.

15. When did you consider yourself an ‘adult’? Have you already?

No, I haven’t yet.

16. Do you think that discipline is important in people’s lives? 

Yes, I think that discipline is important in people’s life because when you want to achieve a goal you aren’t able to do it without working towards it every day with small but significant steps. It’s all about continuity and discipline. In my life discipline is very important, especially in my sport life. I wouldn’t be able to be a dancer and achieve success if it wasn’t for my discipline. It gives life structure.

17. Why this object? 

I decided to bring my favourite book, “Macbeth” by Shakespeare. I think that Shakespeare is the source of literature generally and everyone can find a piece of oneself in his characters. Also I love Lady Macbeth for her strength of character 😉 and I associate “Macbeth” with a theatre play that I saw when I was in high school. It was in Opole, it was Maja Kleczewska’s play and I loved it. And it influenced my thinking about art.



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