It’s Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting in a poky room at our faculty, straining to stifle a series of yawns. For what sins do I have to listen to incessant regurgitations of the theory of discourse and quasi fetishistic outpourings of the findings that we are all being manipulated by a massively influential clutch of egregious capitalist elites, whose cupidity for money and human souls is simply unparalleled.

It’s been the same every Wednesday.

Frankly speaking, I’ve had enough. Now it’s time I had my say!

Do forgive me for putting it so bluntly, but that’s all bullshit. I don’t buy it that an ideology can only be called ideology when it’s dominant slash capitalist. I find it lame to spout on about some malevolent forces in the linguistic establishment that hold anti-dominant, hence genuine and legitimate, CDA researchers back from publishing because of their interest in unveiling what’s inconvenient for the powers that be of the capitalist world. If that were true, I guess the most legitimate CDA researchers would be those who don’t get published at all…

If you ask me, the world is much more complicated than that. But I guess you may lose track of it if you’re too busy waging semantic wars on some researchers from another camp, undermining their position by criticising a summary of their study as inchoate, at the same time maintaining that the original study is non-existent, whereas in fact it does exist but you just didn’t lift a finger to track it down.

As I said, I see the world as a disorganised and unpredictable environment in which we all have to cope. So we sort things out, label them and apply meaning, for meaninglessness is too unnerving. We translate reality into narrative to give it structure.Image

Those of us of a more ‘inquisitive persuasion’ poke holes in the structure. This is how we come to have hubs of intellectuals – our universities, which are in command of armies of scholars producing a stupendous body of research on almost anything. And this is how it should be.

But there’s also a ‘but’. I think that if you engage too deeply in a single-minded pursuit of one theory, you may run the risk of searching only for a confirmation of what you already know. Then you’ll no longer be poking holes in the structure but only filling them in with complacency and intellectual pretentions.

And the reiteration of the hypothesis about the insidious dominant capitalist ideology will become a prayer to your own ideologically biased mind.

Maybe I’m being pretentious myself, but at least I’m aware of the possibility. And I’m still ready to change my mind.

Especially on a Wednesday afternoon… *yawn*

How about you?


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