Interviews – intro :)

My point of making the blog in this form is to immortalize our present selves – our faces and a little bit of our minds. I find it purposeful because nowadays people do not pay attention to writing diaries or developing pictures and storing them in boxes or albums for the future pleasure of looking through them. I believe that one day the pictures I took of you will serve as a nice reminder. Unfortunately, my original idea had to undergo some transformation. Everyone of you was taken a picture with an analogue camera (Praktica) and, just in case, with a reflex camera (Canon). I collected the developed film from the lab on Friday and in the evening it turned out that something went wrong and on the whole 36-frame film, only five pictures were successfully exposed. By successfully I mean that it is at least possible to recognize somebody. The rest of the film was blank. I have no freaking idea how that could have happened (as you can image I was not the happiest person in the world when I saw that), as I found myself in such a situation for the first time ever and even my friend photographer could not explain to me what might have gone wrong; Praktica had never failed me before. And it turned out that it was good to have plan B (pictures taken with Canon). I will take my analogue friend to a doctor and I hope that by the end of our studies you will model for me once again :). But enough of explaining myself – let’s go to the point! I hope that you had some fun answering my questions and you will enjoy reading answers of others :). Some of you will be surprised how much you have in common with others! Thank you very much for your cooperativeness! 🙂 I know that answering all 17 (!) questions was a time-consuming task.

So, ladies first.


Łukasz. Nobility. Are you sentimental about chicken broth? You peasant. He’ll tell you that the best broth is guineafowl broth. Quail, as a last resort. Fond of buying food name of which I am not able to pronounce.

1. Name ten of your best traits of character.

openness, smartness, musicness, hardworkingness, animalfriendliness, sensitiveness, tameness, myownmindness, friendliness and creativity ;).

2.How are you, really?

Both apprehensive and excited about the future, thank you. And you? Oh, thank you, I’m going quite nice, too!

3. What’s your favourite joke? 

My favourite jokes happen all the time in real life. Real life incidents are far more hilarious than corny jokes, I tell you. The thing is to keep your eyes peeled and your mind open – then the everyday has you in stitches!

4. What happens if Pinocchio says ‘my nose is going to grow now’?

If he’s lying it’s gonna grow, if he’s telling the truth it’s not gonna grow, but then again he would be lying then it’s gonna grow either way :p

5. If you think of your future home – how does it look?

I would like it to be a peaceful haven I could retreat to when I got fed up with the world. Full of colours, warm and cosy. With paintings on the walls, a garden, a spacious kitchen with a big table at which I could spend time with my friends, by a glass of wine and some delicious food, chatting the night away till dawn. Also I would need to have somebody clean it for me, ‘cause I would be too busy earning bags of money to maintain it.

 6. Have you ever spent a lot of money on a thing that you didn’t really need, but you wanted it very very much?

Who hasn’t?! It was my first communion. Gosh, how I wish I had been more prudent with that! Total waste of money, I tell you! And I didn’t even get a watch!

7. Invisibility or flight? Why? 

Flight, for sure. Being invisible I would probably get to know things I don’t really want to know. And flying has always been my secret dream. Damn… I said it.

8. Have you ever dreamt of you flying? How was it? 

How did you know?????? I just…. Gosh, it must be magic!!

Yes, indeed I dreamt about flying. It was fabulous and much more realistic than I thought it would be. I even had to take a run-up, like a swan or flamingo. I felt unfettered freedom to go where I just wished. Great! And I could do without PKP, MPK and my parents’ Matiz. Great!

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I hate those questions about “the most” or “the best”. I rarely think of something as the best or the most – I prefer to think of ‘tendencies’ ;p But if I must choose, I will probably say that having learned to walk was my greatest achievement so far. It all sort of took off from there….

10. What have you learned today?

Putting my unimaginably personal and multifaceted autobiographic details into succinct, ‘to-the-point’ quasi sentences. Attempting to make them appear true and a little less boring than previously.

11. Vodka, wine, beer or a drink? Why?

Wine, no doubt about it. Red, dry and full of aroma.

But if the conversation goes longer than I thought – gin and tonic or whiskey and orange juice will do.

To be frank, beer as well, but needs to have something special about it.

Vodka I treat as an expedient…

12. Afraid of spiders?

Afraid? Not at all. But of course, wouldn’t like to keep them as pets.

13. Have you ever been in a fist fight? How was it?

It was quite exciting, thank you. Don’t remember much actually. I was called away by Morpheus quite early on.

14. How would you explain your basic life philosophy? 

If you really need something act so you won’t regret not doing it for the rest of your life.

And Live and Let Live.

15. When did you consider yourself an ‘adult’? Have you already?

I’m trying to consider myself and adult over and over again every day. With a measure of childishness….

16. Do you think that discipline is important in people’s lives? 

Discipline?! Never heard of it…. Is it a new kind of tablet or something?

17. Why this object? 

“This” object is called a tuning fork. Why? Because most of my life has been tuned in to music, in many ways. I’ve been to a music school, worked in a musical theatre, sung and acted (which I love as much). And this is what my life used to revolve around, but now I’m lying low now, waiting for a perfect moment to get back on track. Will I? Only time will tell…Łukasz object


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