Marlena – always smiling and ready to share notes and materials, always prepared and never rejects postponing assignments!

1. Name ten of your best traits of character.

Patient, ambitious, optimistic, friendly, trustworthy, organized, loyal, open-minded, responsible, helpful, calm.

2. How are you, really?

I am okey, today I am having  a lot of on my plate and now I am yearning for a couple of hot free days when I could turn my mind off and indulge myself in guilty pleasures like taking a bubble bath or sleeping late without being interrupted :).

3. What’s your favourite joke? 

Sorry, but I don’t have any favourite joke, I don’t have a memory to jokes :D.

4. What happens if Pinocchio says ‘my nose is going to grow now’?

His nose would not grow because he is lying :D.

5. If you think of your future home – how does it look?

I would like to live in a handsome villa in the suburbs of a big city. It will be a warm and comfortable place where I could invite my friends and make with them barbecues and throw parties. In my dream future house I would like to create a relaxing zone where I could jump into the swimming pool, relax in Jacuzzi and work out in the gym. This would be a place that simply gives me a sense of security and makes me happy :).

6. Have you ever spent a lot of money on a thing that you didn’t really need, but you wanted it very very much?

I don’t know if I spent a lot of money on a thing that I didn’t really need. But, I tend to go shopping and buy things on the spur of the moment that later turn out to be superfluous. I always buy millions of cosmetics that are not really necessary to survive. For example, I have five kinds of face creams  and three kinds of hand creams. I can’t really explain why I bought them.

7. Invisibility or flight? Why? 

FLIGHT! If I were able to flight, I would be free from all the responsibilities that I have to take on like IFA:D I would fly to all places around the world and visit my friends that I can’t visit now.

8. Have you ever dreamt of you flying? How was it? 

Hmm I don’t remember if I have ever dreamt of me flying. But certainly I have dreamt of falling. This is a really interesting and at the same time terrifying experience that lasts minutes before I hit the ground.

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

B.A – it wasn’t easy to get it. It required a lot of hard work and determination.

10. What have you learned today?

Today I was on the career days and suddenly it dawned on me that I should brush up on my second language if I want to find a nice and satisfying job. So I have learnt that I should be more motivated to learn French :).

11. Vodka, wine, beer or a drink? Why?

It depends on the occasion. Sometimes I like vodka when we’re having a big party with friends. From time to time I like wine when I go to my hometown and meet my sisters. Usually I drink beer when I watch a movie.

12. Afraid of spiders?

Yes, they’re awful black creatures that scare me every time I see them.

13. Have you ever been in a fist fight? How was it?

No I have never been in a fist fight. I will try it with my boyfriend when he will make me angry and then I will tell you :D.

14. How would you explain your basic life philosophy? 

Carpe Diem! Don’t think too much about your future, don’t plan too much although it is difficult not to do so. Just enjoy your day :).

15. When did you consider yourself an ‘adult’? Have you already?

I haven’t already considered myself an adult. I try to be independent, self-sufficient and responsible, but at the same time I know that a part of my nature is still childish ;P.

16. Do you think that discipline is important in people’s lives? 

Yes, I think it is of great importance. It makes your life more organized and easier to go through.

17. Why this object?

The photographed object is a Taiwanese talisman that I got from my friend. It should bring luck that’s why I have it all the time in my purse. ImageL.

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