Oktawia – I’ve got the impression that however things seem to go wrong, she always remains positively realistic.

1. Name ten of your best traits of character.

Creativity, willingness to try out new things, helpfulness, sense of humour, friendliness, determination, open-mindedness, to some extent adventurousness, cleverness, thoughtfulness.

2. How are you, really?

I’m fine, enjoying my cup of tea, thanks 🙂

3. What’s your favourite joke? 

The amount of money on my bank account.

4. What happens if Pinocchio says ‘my nose is going to grow now’?

Let’s assume that he would’ve never said that, and proceed to the next question :D.

5. If you think of your future home – how does it look?

I’m having contradictory ideas but one of the bedrooms could have looked like this:


On one hand I would like to live in one of the biggest European cities in a pretty Spanish- or French style tenement house with big windows and wrought iron balcony, on the other I would like to move to a modern luxurious villa with a view of a lake.

 6. Have you ever spent a lot of money on a thing that you didn’t really need, but you wanted it very very much?

It happens to me every time when I’m buying clothes.

7. Invisibility or flight? Why? 

Flight, I would’ve saved a lot of money on tram tickets.

8. Have you ever dreamt of you flying? How was it? 

Probably yes, but I don’t remember it. Some of my dreams are so abstract that even I am surprised what is going on inside of my mind.

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

That so far, I’m still holding on to my New Year’s resolution.

10. What have you learned today?

That even though I wake up earlier to get things done, procrastination is stronger than me. And also that smile always helps.

11. Vodka, wine, beer or a drink? Why?

Wine, preferably white, it simply makes me happy. Beer makes me sleepy and vodka… let’s not get into details.

12. Afraid of spiders?

Terribly. Or maybe not afraid but utterly disgusted.

13. Have you ever been in a fist fight? How was it?

No, I’ve always tried to be a good girl.

14. How would you explain your basic life philosophy? 

I’ve changed it recently. Now I’m trying to be good for myself and trying to find something positive in what I get every day.

15. When did you consider yourself an ‘adult’? Have you already?

First thought appeared right after my 18th birthday, but soon I realized that I’m not adult at all. As Ray in “Girls” said “It’s not adult life if your parents still pay for your Blackberry”. Although I pay for my rent and other stuff my parents still pay for my phone. I’m not adult yet.

16. Do you think that discipline is important in people’s lives? 

It may be. It simply makes your more focused on your aim and determined enough to constantly strive to achieve it. I admire disciplined people as I think they will get far in their lives and I wish I could stay more focused from time to time. But on the other hand I get the impression that disciplined people are missing out a lot.

17. Why this object?

It’s a Christmas present from my friend. It’s hand made and unique. She made it herself and I think that it is just a nice feeling to have something what is one of a kind and was made especially for you.


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