The Oscars’ verdict: Leonardo DiCaprio unfairly left with nothing

When the Oscars’ committee pronounced the verdict as far as the role of the best actor is concerned, many people looked at them with disbelief. It seemed obvious that Leonardo DiCaprio is the best candidate for winning the prize, but unfortunately he did not get the statuette.

Recently there has been a heated debate upon the issue of the Oscars 2014. Before even the verdict was pronounced, people argued who should win the statuette. This year the nominees for the best actor were especially great, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey and Chiwetel Ejiofor leading the way. Actually DiCaprio and McConaughey were the two that were taken into consideration by most of the film critics. As it can be evaluated now, McConaughey won a race for the most wanted film prize of all times. Yet, according to many people, this was not a decision that should have been reached.

To start with, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of all times. He became well known at the age of 19, playing the handicapped boy in What’s eating Gilbert Grape. He basically matured in full view of the whole world. In 1997 he became the romantic hero of millions of people with his creation of Jack in Titanic. Then he played in many important and interesting American films, and his artistry, acting techniques and personal charm have started to be his trademark. He made a breathtaking creation in Aviator in 2004, in thrillers The Departed (2006), Inception, Shatter Island (2010). Not to mention the fact that DiCaprio has not rest on his laurels and keeps continuing his career in the film word. He is also a producer and co-producer of many films.

Most recently, the actor played in Django Departed and The Great Gatsby (2012). The Wolf of Wall Street seemed to be the crowning achievement of his creative output. First of all because he made an outstanding creation in this film, and second of all because he was also its producer and he came up with the idea of releasing the film. Based on a book that is a real- life story of a stockbroker, Jordan Belford, who came all the way from rags to riches, it is a typical cautionary tale. It warns people of what happens if someone craves luxury and a fabulous life and is eager to do everything that it takes to achieve it. No wonder that all Americans, and not only them, loved the story. According to Robbie Collin from “The Telegraph”, it is “Scorsese’s best film in 20 years”. This film is indeed extraordinary – DiCaprio was awarded The Golden Globe prize for this creation. It seemed only a matter of time that he will receive the Oscar. However, it unfortunately did not happen.

Some people with the opposite view upon this matter hold the belief that the creation of Matthiew McConaughey was better and required more from the actor than the role of DiCaprio. McConaughey impersonated a rodeo bull rider, Ron Woodroof, that is diagnosed HIV positive, in Dallas Buyers Club. The film tells a story of a man who craves living a life that matters and, according to many people, is an exemplification of the perfect and moving fight for one’s life. Moreover, McConaughey lost 21 kg to play this part, thus sacrificing his own health for the role.

Although there might be a grain of truth in these arguments, what they tend to overlook is thatDiCaprio’s creation also teaches people a crucial and timeless lesson. It shows them what happens to a person who gets lost in the world of luxury, money, drugs and sex. Aren’t they the values that unfortunately seem to become more and more important nowadays? In fact, this lesson seems to be of the utmost importance in today’s capitalist society, when nearly in every company in the world there is a rat race and people are able to do everything that it takes to achieve their goals. It is for sure the best lesson that today’s society can be taught. Furthermore, DiCaprio shows the shades of the main character manouvring from one extreme to another. There are no limits to his acting.

It is really a shame that such an actor still has not got his Oscar statuette. Let’s hope that he will still be in his prime next year.

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