Craving to see a film adaptation of a Japanese ancient story? Go over ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ or ‘Hero’ again, don’t waste your time on ’47 Ronin’.


High hopes did I have when I watched the trailer of ’47 Ronin’ and saw Keanu Reeves accompanied by dragons, witches and katanas. I hoped that the production would be a masterpiece, as all the components would suggest. Better than ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Hero’ together. Yet, it was the first time in my life when I wanted to leave the cinema hall and was ashamed that I forced another human being to see the movie with me.

There were only several good things about it: firstly, Keanu Reeves, looking more handsome as the time goes by, secondly: Japanese visual frame: samurai, clothes, jewellery, architecture and art. Thirdly –high-quality special effects, fantasy creatures and mystical locations. And, obviously, emotions: love, hatred, fear, loss, passion. Having all that gathered in one movie one would expect a marvel, to which he or she could return after some time and once again be transferred to a mysterious, fantastical land.

But I have to warn you that no such thing will happen. Even though Keavu plays the leading role, someone decided to make him look some and act like some sort of a peasant farm worker, but living in seclusion in the woods. Let’s be honest – however hard would Keanu try – we will never be credible in such a role. In the film he is also entangled in a love theme, which is presented in a way so pathetic, that it would be better if it didn’t existed. Scenes that were supposed to bring tears to the eyes of the viewers make you want to get rid of all your senses, so you wouldn’t experience all that. Obviously, Keanu is the key character of for the Ronin, so that they could regain their honour and avenge their master, but why he – no idea. Maybe because he was raised in a cursed forest by the time he was took in by the master. Even if – what’s the connection? It wasn’t explained in any way. He turns out to be useful not only because he knows how to recognize and fight demons, but also he has the possibility to capture magical swords, hidden and guarded in a forsaken wood. When he reaches the place, he meets an alien-looking creature who apparently raised him. Then, we watch the overwhelmingly long main fight and after winning it, they all honourably commit seppuku. But Keanu manages to tell his chosen one that he loves her and will love her in each and every incarnation.

I say that all the people responsible for this ‘creation’ should be severely punished, e.g. by forcing them to watch the movie several times.

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