Mysterious Asia – Rico’s Kitchen

ImageFinding this restaurant is a first challenge that a potential customer faces. Even though the address is no secret – 27 Grudnia street, Poznań– you need to be a real rubberneck to find your destination at the back of an unfriendly backyard. Once you get to the front door, the veil of mystery still confuses you, as you enter a place looking more like a shanty than a genuine restaurant. As soon as you get into Rico’s Kitchen, you can smell sharp tastes of Asia. The tiny restaurant welcomes you with the mini-bar behind which, you can observe two or three cooks waving their knifes in the cloud of hot steam. ImageImage

This is not one of those posh, fancy places where you have to wait for a table. It is rather a small, homely spot where each customer is treated like the most important guest. Handsome, Chineese waiter, who speaks brilliant American english, welcomes you and leads you through the rough-and-ready stairs, to get to the first, and only, floor. You sit by one of the four tables and the culinary journey begins. At this point, you are asked a few question such as: are you very hungry? what do you feel like eating? meet or vegetables? beef? chicken? spicy? extra spicy? would you like some green tea? Not receiving a regular menu card seems confusing at the beginnig, however, after a while, you are of the impression that having aswered so many specific questions, you will get the thing you need. This is precisely what happens. After about 25 minutes, your table gets covered with exquisite food.Image Image

The smell is divide, the colours are surprising, and finally the taste – it is the taste of real, fresh, Asia. Even though the portion is relatively big, it is highly unlikely that you do not eat every last piece of food you ordered. In case you overestimated the size of your stomach, Rico’s Kitchen will gladly pack you leftovers in a to-go box. What about the money? The waiter gives you a bill and you just leave the money in a can standing right next to the exit door. Because of the very nature of the restaurant and the fact that no menu makes you unaware of prices for particular dishes, it is tricky to say whether it is an expensive restaurant. For a meal of 2 dishes, you need to pay roughly 30 zl. Whether it seems a lot or not, it is definitely worth both the taste and the experience itself. 

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