The mesmerizing allure of Bokka


On 21st March a very intriguing band Bokka invited me to its cosmic music. This alternative Polish band which released its debut album “Bokka” last year attracts the interest of a great mass of people who fall in love with their amazing music sounds. Members of the band are shrouded in mystery as they do not want to unveil their identities. It seems that they prefer to keep the attention focused on the music and awaken curiosity in their fans by their masked personalities.

On the day of the concert, the SQ club was densely crowded with hundreds of sweating people waiting impatiently for the coming of the mysterious band. I also couldn’t look forward to hearing Bokka live. But, it was such a stifling and cramped atmosphere that I needed to go outside two times to take in a gulp of fresh air. Despite this, I was still curious about their performance, hoping that they would finally disclose who they are. After twenty minutes here there were five enigmatic figures who wore the same white uniforms, covering their faces with some kind of astronaut helmets. Their appearance was so impressive and distinctive that I elbowed my way through the crowd to see more. A small singer immediately grabbed the ears of the audience, singing their great songs like “Town of Strangers” or “I’m All That I’ve Lost”. I did not expect that the voice of the singer is very firm and velvet. A set of different instruments like a keyboard, guitars, a percussion and samplers also greatly tuned to the concert pitch, hypnotizing people and making them escape from the outside world. I was really moved by the performance they made. However, there was one thing that a bit disappointed me. Musicians did not say a word and only communicated though short text messages that appeared between songs on the walls, such as “Welcome in our cosmos”, “We are Bokka”. This did not satisfy me. I hoped that they will come into a verbal contact with the audience. Even though they did not want to speak to their fans and reveal their true selves, it was worth attending the concert and experiencing a refreshing and unique kind of music.

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