Ukulele sounds that left me speechless – Maja Koman’s concert

Have you ever been seduced by a melody? Well, that’s what happened to me when I first heard Maja Koman’s song My dear deer. I immediately fell in love with her music. It was about three months ago and ever since that time her music has accompanied me nearly every day.


When I found out about her concert in the jazz club Blue Note in Poznan, I was in seventh heaven. The tickets were quite cheap so it all started very well. When I got to a place of the concert, I could sense that the atmosphere there was very intimate. The lights were dimmed and the conversations hushed as if in anticipation of something special due to take place. Indeed, such was Maja Koman’s concert. For an hour she took her audience into the musical wonderland of ukulele sounds. She was accompanied by an orchestra playing cello, percussion, bass and violin. Their music was just mesmerizing. There is something unique about Maja Koman’s music and I could feel it in the air that the audience was hypnotized. She sang songs that she has written by herself in Polish, English and French. Some of them were funny, the others moving, but none of the songs left me uninvolved. This is definitely a kind of music that sends shivers down my spine.


What’s more, the young artist writes songs that mirror today’s society, so she is a voice of a modern generation. What I also adore about Maja is that her stage image is very original and she takes care of every detail, starting from her music, and ending on make up. She was dressed in a costume that you definitely wouldn’t find in H&M. The singer releases her first album “Pourquoi pas” in autumn, so I’m looking forward to it and recommend her music from the bottom of my heart. Here is a link to the official webpage of Maja Koman:

If you still aren’t convinced to her music, listen to Maja’s cover of an old polish lullaby Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi. You’ll find yourself in the magical world of a fairy tale with a shocking hidden agenda…

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