Pekin – a taste of China in the heart of Poznań

It was not my first visit to Pekin – a famous Chinese restaurant in the centre of Poznań. But it was the first one to realise how lucky I, and other people living in Poznań, am to have this special place at the arm’s length.


Pekin is a restaurant with a long tradition – it was established in 1991 and has successfully managed to survive in a highly competitive catering market. Situated at 23 Lutego 33 Street, only a 2 minute walk from Wolności Square, Pekin is a perfect place to enjoy your Saturday dinner with friends.


At the entrance, Pekin welcomes us with the strong aroma of oriental cuisine and a bit old-fashioned cloakroom. The red and gold interior of the restaurant, decorated with flowers, dragons, Chinese lions and Chinese lamps hanging from the ceiling, takes us on the trip to the Far East. However, this first positive impression may be disturbed by the later feeling that the interior remembers the 1990’s, and it seems that a little refurbishment wouldn’t go amiss. Chinese music in the background definitely adds up to the oriental climate of the restaurant, although after more or less half an hour it starts to be rather tiresome.


An extensive menu, ranging from pork and chicken dishes to veal and duck dishes and seafood, caters for diversified needs and, without a doubt, everyone can find something for themselves. For a starter, I decided to overcome my fear of spicy dishes and picked hot & sour soup. Although my tongue was burning and tears were filling my eyes, it was one of the best and original soups I had in a long time. The main course, chicken with pepper and garlic in sweet and spicy sauce and chicken rolls stuffed with mushrooms and bamboo in sesame dough, accompanied by Shanghai style fried soya noodles, was to die for. Also, these two portions of meat were big enough to easily feed the appetites of three hungry people.


At first glance, the prices may seem relatively high for a student’s pocket (around 30-40 zlotys for a dinner with something to drink), but the huge portions of a quality food leave you both full up and satisfied, thus making you feel no regrets for spending some money on this exquisite Chinese culinary experience.

For those who do not want to experience the climate of the restaurant and prefer to enjoy a Chinese meal at home, Pekin offers home delivery.

An official website:

A facebook fanpage:

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