How it feels to be swept away by sung poetry

I’ve been recently invited to my colleague’s concert. Together with a few friends she formed a band called Emerald Green and as I’d found out they perform sung poetry. It was Friday evening, after an exhausting week and the last thing I wanted was a yawn. But I really like the girl and there didn’t seem to be anything more interesting to do that evening. So I left home for Museum Cafe. Lord, forgive me my ignorance !


I was late and entering the beautiful inside of Museum Cafe I felt embarrassed and dumb. I was expecting nothing and amazed by everything. The venue itself was magical. I found a seat and lost myself in the music.

Two singers were in turns piercing and stroking my soul as one of them had deep, sharp and penetrating timbre while the other one had warm and velvety voice. Mellow, but sometimes abrasive sound of the violin, sweet and balanced guitars together with confident piano filled in the room.

Emerald Green is really Maria (my friend, piano), Basia (piercing) and Paulina (velvety). Other members were joining and leaving the band over the years. They made their real debut as students in Czarnków, in a event which opens the local year of culture. They have performed in Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan, Legnica and Gniezdo. In Zielona Góra, Emerald Green won the elimination and entered the Finale of Students Song Festival in Cracow.

“The greatest success?- winning elimination and entering the Finale of Students Song Festival in Cracow. The greatest adventure?- performance in Agnieszka Osiecka’s studio in Radio 3, in Warsaw. The greatest failure?- having no money to come back home.” (Maria)

This evening they won me over with beautiful interpretations of Turnau, Baczyński, Osiecka and Lipska. They also performed fresh and innovative versions of popular song by Adele, Norah Jones and Jason Mraz. I was charmed with the energy, perfection of voices. Sometimes, it was difficult to follow the lyrics, but I believe that the sounds conveyed the meaning so that I understood the poems unconsciously.

The members of the band live in different cities and I probably won’t have the opportunity to listen to them again in the near future. If you hear about their concert one day, don’t hesitate and buy a ticket. It’s worth it.

(Review: Agnieszka)

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