Doda brings gleams of joy to ill children

Doda performed at First Charitable History Picnic on last Saturday in Warsaw. 

“Skarby Narodu” Foundation and Maria Skłodowska-Curie Middle School in Warsaw organized the First Charitable History Picnic on behalf of children suffering from oncology illnesses. The children are mostly taken care of by the “Spełnione Marzenia” Foundation.

The picnic took place on May 17th at Świętokrzyska street. An event programme included a number of attractions beginning with the historical part. The participants could observe and admire II World War Soldiers’ uniforms and arms which were prepared by the Re-creational and Filming Group Bemowo. What is more, they could also witness fights and hostage recapturing presented by Weapons Union “Strzelec”. The first part of the picnic was brightened with music of war years with the use of a hundred years old record deck.

The second  part of the picnic was set in a real party mood. Doda performed an energetic an hour and a half concert dedicated to all the ill children who were present at the picnic as well as to those who could not manage to join the party. At the very beginning of her performance she said Being here with you all today, I cannot imagine myself happier. I love performing for you because you truly understand what life struggle means. The crowd was delighted. Doda began her concert with a song titled Nie daj się  which was written when the artist recovered after a serious spine injury. Later on, she continued with her best hits such as Dżaga, Katharsis and Bad Girls. The audience was ecstatic with the energy and feeling that Doda sent from the stage. In the end of the concert, the artist greeted her fans and gave them a few words of consolation saying I don’t believe you will all recover and be happy ever after. I am sure of it! I know it! Take care and never give up, I love you all!  


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