Rihanna banned from Instagram for posting naked photos

30th April wasn’t a good day for Rihanna’s fans. When they tried to check her Instagram account and find out about the newest pictures of her, they found out that her account no longer exists. It turns out it has been deleted because of her naked photos posted there.

A few days ago the famous singer posted on Instagram a cover shot for the magazine Lui that shows her topless. She has published her half-naked photographs many times before, so that wasn’t the shocking part of the story. After posting the photo she received a warning on her email account, saying that she is violating the application’s rules for nudity that say: “If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram”. Instagram’s admin deleted this photo, only to find out that she immediately posted another one. This time it was a photo showing Rihanna smoking., obviously without her bra. Surprisingly for Riri’s fans, this time Instagram decided to delete her account.

This case raises an important issue of equality of people on social networks. It turns out that we are subject to the same rules which even Rihanna can’t escape. Still, she has found a way out of this situation: new pics showing her body are now available on Twitter and Facebook.

Posting her naked pictures online, Rihanna knew that she was playing with fire, but surely it is hard to believe that Instagram decided to delete her account. Although  Alison Schumer of Instagram’s public relations team told “I can confirm that we have not deleted the account subsequently,” Rihanna’s account “badgalriri” is still not available. All in all, it seems that by taking this step the social network has just put the singer in the limelight. As if she wasn’t there already.

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