Paris prays for South Korea

Hollywood star Paris Hilton sends her prayers for the victims of Sewol ferry’s sinking tragedy.

On the foggy evening of April 15th, four hundred and seventy-six passengers, most of them high-school students, boarded the ferry MV Sewol in Incheon, South Korea’s third-largest city, headed toward the holiday island of Jeju. Eleven hours later, what should have been a routine trip had become one of the worst disasters in Korean history: after the ferry capsized and calls for help were not answered in time, more than three hundred people died, many of them were sixteen-year-old second grade students from Danwon High School, a high school in Ansan, a suburb of Seoul. Unfortunately, a majority of bodies have not yet been recovered.

Images showed the ferry listing at a severe angle and then later almost completely submerged, with only a small part of its hull visible. It sank within two hours of sending a distress signal.

After the tragedy Paris Hilton wrote on her personal Twitter account a few words to commemorate the victims of this accident. She tweeted “Sending prayers and love to South Korea. It’s so important now to support the families and friends who lost their loved ones.” The responses from her fans were immediate and expressed regret for this tragedy “Sewol ferry disaster is a truly a heart-breaking incident,” “Praying for the victims and the families of the lost the ones,” “Hoping that none like this ever happens again,” and many more.

Even though it has been more than a month now since the Sewol ferry incident, it will remain as a devastating accident for many people. There are fears this could turn out to be South Korea’s biggest maritime disaster for more than 20 years.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has been keeping in touch with her Korean fans in a consistent basis since her appearance on “2013 MAMA.”

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