GSK announces 5-year price freeze for countries graduating from GAVI Alliance support

GSK has decided to back up developing countries which graduate from GAVI Alliance support. Prices of vaccines against cervical cancer, pneumococcal disease and rotavirus for those countries will not increase over a period of 5 years.


GAVI Alliance was founded in 2000 and so far has helped to fund immunisation of 440 million children. World’s poorest countries have been included in the programme. GSK, GAVI Alliance long-standing partner, reserves its lowest prices, which can be as low as one-tenth for the beneficiaries. Today, GSK would like to offer its support to governments who are at the transition stage. 5-year price freeze will hopefully assist countries which due to their fast-growing economy can no longer be GAVI Alliance beneficiaries. After this period, governments should be able to fully finance their local vaccination programmes.

Today, Sir Andrew Witty, CEO of GSK paid tribute to GAVI Alliance leadership and partners.

Sir Andrew Witty said: “The achievements of the GAVI Alliance are remarkable with 6 million lives saved since its formation in 2000. Successful vaccination programmes have no doubt also helped countries to develop in this time. For countries that are doing well and are moving out of GAVI, I’m pleased that we are able to offer governments a price freeze to help ensure that children continue to be protected by national immunisation programmes.”

22 countries are planned to graduate from GAVI support by 2020 and in this way allow poorer countries to enter the programme. Once countries reach certain economy conditions, they are expected to take responsibility for their vaccination programmes. GSK is the first company which declared lower prices over this transition period.

As the GAVI Alliance major partner, GSK supplies innovative vaccines at significantly reduced prices. GSK has decided to provide more than 850 million vaccine doses to protect up to 300 million children in the developing countries by 2024.

(Agnieszka- PR)

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