Alior Sync becomes T-Mobile Banking Services


The Alior Sync brand disappears to give way to T-Mobile Banking Services.

The leader in online banking, Alior Sync, will be replaced by a new brand of T-Mobile Banking Services in May as a joint venture by Alior Bank and one of the biggest mobile operators in Europe – T-Mobile Poland.

T-Mobile Banking Services will revolutionise the sector of online banking in Poland, offering its clients innovative banking and mobile services. The managing and opening of an account will still be free with free domestic and international money transfers, free debit cards and free cash withdrawals from all cash machines in Poland and around the world. NFC technology will also be put to use, enabling clients to turn their mobile phones into debit cards with the application My Wallet. What is more, clients paying with NFC technology will get 5% cashback on their transactions. Clients will also benefit from promotional overdraft limits up to 500zł with no interest charged.

The Virtual Department of the bank will still be functioning, making it possible for clients to run banking errands without leaving their homes. Also, for even greater convenience, new regular branches of T-Mobile Banking Services will be created where clients will be able to pay in or withdraw their money at no cost.

With the rapid development of mobile and information technology, the cooperation  between Alior Bank and T-Mobile Poland is a sign of a far-reaching change in banking services, which marks a new era in online banking.

Over the next five years banking services will change completely. The answer to this challenge are alliances between banks and telecommunications companies, they will create the future of banking,” says Wojciech Sobieraj, CEO of Alior Bank.

T-Mobile Banking Services will introduce more innovative banking solutions for its current and prospective clients over the following months.

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