McDonald fulfills football enthusiasts’ dream to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup

         The FIFA World Cup is going to take place soon and McDonald gives young football fans an exclusive opportunity to experience this global competition. 25 children aged 6 to 10 won the trip of a lifetime to FIFA World Cup in Brazil. They were chosen as McDonald’s Player Escorts from across 70 countries to lead their football heroes into the stadium in one of four match cities.

McDonald started its FIFA Player Escort Programme in 2002 at the FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Since that time, more than 6.000 children fulfilled their dream to support the players during the football match competition. By launching such a programme, McDonald wants to fuel children’s passion for the sport and encourage them to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Due to the upcoming 2014 World Cup, the Player Escort Programme provides kids with a chance to participate in this worldwide tournament with their parent or guardian. They will go on a trip to Brazil, with the first stop in Rio de Janerio, where many great attractions are prepared for them. Not only can children escort the football players to the pitch, but also they can watch all the matches for free and do the sight-seeing tours in the cities where football competitions are going to take place.

Such an initiative developed by McDonald generates tremendous excitement among young football fans who can seize a wonderful chance to be the part of the world’s most-watched sporting event. McDonald’s programme will be an unforgettable moment for kids to experience the thrilling atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup and the Brazilian culture.

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