Smoking has never been so feminine


Davidoff has just introduced its newest line of superslim cigarettes Davidoff Magenta and Davidoff Menthol. What makes them stand out from the plethora of plain smokes in the first place is the unique design of the box. Superslims are available in classy and slender packages in characteristic for Davidoff octagonal shape and bright colours – magenta for the regular ones and turquoise for the menthol ones. The quilted texture of the box may resemble the famous Chanel 2.55 bag or bring to mind connotations of a set of lush leather furniture. New Superslims correspond with luxury and femininity. But not only the packages are uniquely designed – each cigarette is decorated with silver ornament. Davidoff Superslims are a trinket that every modern and classy woman would have in her handbag.

What also distinguishes new Superslims is the high quality of tobacco blend and subtle aroma characteristic for Davidoff cigarettes. Davidoff Magenta has also lower amount of tar to enjoy them even more. Davidoff Menthol ensure smooth taste with a delicate hint of menthol.

Together with releasing two new products, Davidoff has kicked off a program for brand ambassadors. All those who can appreciate the true quality of Davidoff tobacco and would like to promote it to the wider public are now welcome to join the ambassadors team. Volunteers who are ready to represent the brand and recommend new products will be given attractive rewards. Each ambassador will receive a welcome pack including 2 packs of Davidoff Magenta Superslims, 2 packs of Davidoff Menthol Superslims and brand catalogues. Also, to celebrate the new line of feminine products Davidoff is organizing a competition with attractive prizes for its ambassadors. The details are to be announced soon.


*Smoking seriously harms you and others around you. Protect children: don’t make them breathe your smoke

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