HTC promotes Polish culture in the world


HTC, a global leader in mobile innovations and design, once again promotes events from the world of arts, culture and entertainment. Together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the owner of service, HTC will deliver the newest information about achievements of Polish artists. Owing to the innovative mobile solution HTC BlinkFeed, smartphone users all over the world will be able to stay up to date with Polish cultural events.

HTC BlinkFeed is an innovative technology which gathers news from information, sport, music and social services in one place. The news to be fed are chosen individually by the user, according to preferences. Over 1400 portals deliver the news, the latest one being

The service is owned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, which aim is to popularise Polish culture and language abroad. Since 2001, has published over 40 thousand articles and shared nearly a thousand photo galleries and movies.

The objective of the joint initiative of HTC and the Institute is to promote the achievements of Polish artists from areas such as music, photography, literature, visual arts, design, film, theatre, dance, and many others all over the world.

Articles will be available in English version in the international edition of HTC BlinkFeed service. They will be published in the Global English/World/Europe category. Additionally, news from will be accessible to follow in Polish, in handsets with HTC BlinkFeed sold in Poland.

HTC is not only about technology but also involvement in all activities which can be labelled as Quietly Brilliant. The company has already cooperated with in creating audiobook superproductions: “Blade Runner. Can androids dream of electric sheep?” by Philip K. Dick with music by Pink Freud, Cezary Harasimowicz’s “Holy Chaos” with music by Michal Lorenc and “Invincible” by Stanisław Lem with Ścianka’a music.

Moreover, HTC and Gadżetomania service run a literary play called “Neverending Story”. A famous author publishes a fragment of a story and asks the Internet users to develop the plot. The author picks the best work, adds it to the story, writes the continuation and once again asks web users to come up with the ideas for plot development. Until now such writers as Zygmunt Miłoszewski, Jacek Dukaj and Jacek Piekara took part in the play. The stories will be published as audiobooks.

The latest HTC’s initiative is to assume the patronage over musical performance “Sofia de Magico”, the premiere of which took place on March 1, 2014 in Roma theatre.

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