Eight green dwarfs on my balcony

The reason I have written this post are eight, little, green creatures standing on my balcony : oregano, sage, lavender, rosemary, two types of mint and thyme.


The very first time I saw this big balcony I started dreaming about how I’m going to turn it into a beautiful and magical space in the middle of a big city. But then everyday life sneaked in and I was snowed under with various responsibilities. I didn’t have time to take care of my ‘baby’ and then the autumn and winter came.

I must have been gabbing about my plans a lot because last week I entered the office and saw two baskets of herbs waiting for me. My kind-hearted manager, who is a garden freak herself, brought me a wonderful incentive. There was no way out- I quickly learnt what plants are they and the next day I headed garden centre.

Sounds perfect, but in fact I’m in a never ending mood swing from joy and proud to fear and despair. I don’t want to hurt my ‘eight dwarfs’ (this is how I like to think about my cute brood) but I’m not exactly sure how to take care of them. Below I share with you what I have read so far, perhaps you’ll find this useful:


1)      Oregano feels great in sunny spots.

2)      Mint is an expansive guy who needs a big pot, lots of sunshine and regular watering. Once it’s about 15 cm tall, you can start drying the leaves.

3)      Rosemary doesn’t need as much sunshine as oregano or mint. You have to be especially careful with watering, otherwise your plant might start rotting.

4)      Thyme loves sunshine but with this one you also have to be careful when it comes to watering. It hates excess of moisture!

5)      Lavender needs a big pot and lots of sunshine. You shouldn’t water it too often. Ideally, soil should get dry before the next watering.  

6)      Sage has three basic requirements : plenty of sunshine, good drainage and good air circulation.


Finally, I’m not sure whether everything above is 100% true because I have come across a variety of contradicting tips.

So if you have green fingers please bear with me and pass on some helpful pieces of advice. If you are beginners like me, buy your own little plant . It’s really great to have something alive, take care of it  and watch it grow. Once we ‘stabilise’ lives of our first plants we hopefully go further and eventually turn our big or small balconies and window sills into beautiful and magical places.



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