What really grinds my gears?

You know what really grinds my gears?gears

Inconsiderate people who only think about their own needs and follow the proverb: the end justifies the means. I’ve experienced this first hand quite recently while looking for a new room for rent.

Because of egocentric individuals I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. You might ask: “Like between the devil and the deep blue see?” Yep, that’s the kind of situation I am talking about. I was either to pay a 800-PLN fine or leave two people without a roof over their heads.

But first thing’s first.

Two weeks ago I found out that my best friend, Paula, wanted to move back to the city. Being not satisfied with my current accommodation, I was eager to live with her again and we both were so excited about the idea. But to be able to move out, I had to either find somebody else to take my place or pay 800 PLN for terminating the contract before the due date.

princessEverything was going smoothly at the beginning. Within a few days I was ready to leave my then apartment. I managed to find a girl to move in in my place. Soon Paula and I found a LOVELY flat, which we were head over heels in love with. It was an old, but renovated, tenement house in the city centre. The flat itself was on the 4th floor and the staircase leading to it … well, it just left us speechless. We felt like PRINCESSES climbing the stairs in a high tower in a CASTLE, going round and round. The flat itself had also been renovated. It was the perfect place for us. And what’s more, we hit it off with our flatmates-to-be, Patrycja and Natalia.

This was perfect. But then the universe seeing Paula and me being happy decided to slap us in the face and say: “Nope”. Out of the blue, the girl who was to take my place had resigned an hour before I was going to sign a contract with a new landlord. I was devastated. It isn’t easy to find a person eager to share a room with a complete stranger. So the only thing I could do was to call Patrycja and Natalia and tell them about what had happened and resign. At this point the situation got even more complicated. The girls told me that if they hadn’t found anybody till the following day, they would have to move out having nowhere to go. They were taking turns in making phone calls to pester me to pay the fine to my then landlord and move in with them. That was something I couldn’t do because I simply didn’t have such money. They thought that I would magically have some money appearing in my wallet to pay the bills and the fine. Come on, I’m just a student with a low-paid job and no money to burn, sorry. I felt awful about the situation but there was literally nothing I could do… In the end, Paula came as a knight on the white horse and rescued the situation, deciding to rent the room on her own. Thanks to Paula the girls didn’t have to leave their flat and I didn’t have to pay the fine. I think this situation shows how inconsiderate people can complicate life and how valuable are those people who are considerate.

Kasia Sz

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