13 reasons why you are rude customer

Have you ever complained about an unpleasant customer service? You are tired, you’ve visited every shop in the mall and the service is rude enough to ask you stupid questions about your preferences instead of leaving you alone? So let’s reverse the roles. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine you are a shop assistant while I am your client for a while. That is why you’re going to hate me at once:

1. ‘Thank you’ and ‘good morning’ are still in use.
2. How about saying ‘hello’ while you enter?
3. “How much is this and why so expensive?” – not funny at all.
4. You can either talk on the phone or talk with me. PICK ONE.
5. I am not your charwoman, and the shop is not a dump.
6. Take off your headphones while shopping.
7. Had a bad day? Story of my life.
8. You’re hungry? That’s what the restaurants are there for.
9. Grunting doesn’t make me work faster.
10. 100 quid in your pocket doesn’t make a king of you.
11. Whining – makes me want to help even less.
12. Shop is not a playground. Hide and seek? Really?
13. Not your size? Yeah, lets crumple and drop it.

We smile, we help, we stand there all day eager to make your shopping spree easier and nicer. So next time you want to vent your frustrations on us, just don’t. Instead, smile. Shopping may be fun!

Dorota Sz.

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