The taste of Egypt in the middle of the city

It is a very difficult task to find a restaurant that combines delicious treats, a vibrant atmosphere and excellent staff. They always leave their customers with some lack of fulfillment or dissatisfaction. Whenever I feel like not being let down by another eating spot, I head to a familiar location where all of my needs are met: to Sphinx.

In the beginnings of its functioning in the late nineties, the restaurant had a bad reputation connected to low quality food and kitsch. The Polish owners of the whole chain however, made sure that it was fixed and now each and every of the nearly one hundred Sphinx outlets attract hundreds of satisfied customers every day.

Sphinx restaurants are usually located in shopping centres or in the biggest streets of a particular city. My favourite restaurant in Poznań is located on Święty Marcin street, probably because of the fact that I associate this place with the most anticipated family lunches in my childhood. The charm of this particular restaurant is not limited to my personal experience: sitting by the window, one can enjoy the food while observing one of the prettiest and crowded streets of Poznań. The décor is strictly linked to the culture of ancient Egypt: the walls are covered with hieroglyphs on pyramid-like stones. The oriental details include characteristic lamps made from carved calabash and colourful glass and ceramic vases.

The charm of the restaurant is fulfilled with two more characteristic features: the first one is the open kitchens, which all the customers can observe and watch to see if all the sanitary standards are maintained during food preparation; the second one is male waiters. Each of them wears elegant clothes with a brown apron and some visitors may have the impression that they are chosen for the job only if they meet certain appearance standards. However sexist this might seem, the aesthetics surely delight the eye. They also overawe with impeccable manners and take care of customers’ highest comfort.

What truly deserves attention is what is served by these young and handsome men. Original recipes and tasty dishes made of fresh products guarantee the satisfaction of even the most fussy taste, which has been proved by many prizes, like the emblem of the service quality. A hungry customer might choose one of the Sphinx’s specials, dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, such as chicken or pork shoarma. The more sophisticated guest can taste crème brulee (a fancy vanilla dessert hidden under a thin layer of caramel) or cod with almond flakes .

Moreover, the restaurant has a diverse offer of meat (including very tasty steaks!), fish, vegetarian meals, pizzas, pastas and salads. Some of the meals can be ordered in a standard size or the so-called “for a smaller appetite” for those who do not think that they can handle a big serving. For me the menu is unnecessary: I always pick the chicken shoarma, either the classic version or the one baked with cheese. It is probably the dish that Sphinx owes its success to: finely chopped, perfectly seasoned meat, fries, a set of salads and distinctive bun are served with three meat dips: a spicy, a garlic and a delicate mayonnaise one. With high quality, Sphinx does not scare his customers off with the prices: they are reasonable with frequent deals.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is based on the franchise system, which makes some of the restaurants not meet the high standards. Sometimes a hopeful customer can get dry meat or wait a really long time before he is able to cherish the meal. However, it can be easily solved by telling the waiter what the problem is: he will most probably take care of it.

The place that seems too ordinary for some people combines everything that a hungry customer might want. Tasty food, a unique atmosphere and high standards make Sphinx a place to visit.

Kasia W.

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