Bella Vita – a slice of Italy in the heart of Bialystok



Recently, as I was passing by the Old Town, I’ve noticed that a new local was opened. I came closer to see what it was. It turned out it was a new Italian cafe with a lovely name of Bella Vita. Because from the outside it looked really nice, I decided I have to visit it as soon as possible. A couple of days later I convinced my friend to check it out with me. And since she’s a coffee aficionado, she agreed immediately. From the very beginning the atmosphere was really convivial. What caught my attention as we entered was the extremely elegant interior. The walls were covered with a stylish pinkish wallpaper. There were also many huge windows which let a lot of light inside making the place very bright. What’s more, the room was really spacious – I could count about fifteen tables. A classy lamp was hanging low above each of them. However, you really need to bear in mind its presence. Every time I stood up, I clumsily hit my head. What’s interesting, some tables had the usual transparent chairs and some had mini leather settees, which were unusually comfortable. Overall, our first impression was favourable. Additionally, there was a calm and relaxing music in the background, like, for example, Norah Jones. All these details created a warm and cosy atmosphere.


As we entered, the waitress showed us the table and provided us with menus – one for cakes and drinks, and the other one for main dishes. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the variety of dishes and desserts and it was difficult to make a final decision. But because we weren’t that hungry, we chose two Latte Macchiatos and two pieces of apple pie. I have to say that the service was fantastic. Despite the fact that there were a lot of customers, we got our order within 5 minutes.


The coffee looked and smelled flavoursome and I really liked its taste – it was soft and not too strong. It was served in the right temperature in a nice large coffee glass. The apple pie tasted just delicious – it literally melted in my mouth. Of course it was fresh and it smelled delightful. It almost felt as if it was made by my grandmother, who obviously makes the best apple pie in the world, so that means something. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the slice was too small.

When it comes to prices in general, it might be a bit expensive for a student like me. But in fact, taking into consideration Bella Vita’s location, the quality of service and the variety of food they offer, it seems incredibly cheap. It is possible that this local was intended to reach more well off rather than stingy people. However, the vast majority of customers at that time was about 20-30 years old.


I really enjoyed my time in Bella Vita, so did my friend. Our impression was more or less similar. It really was a pleasure to spend some time there, not only because of the fresh and delicious food. Also, design and music complemented the pleasant atmosphere. I really recommend Bella Vita as a place for a nice meeting with friends, either for a coffee or larger dinner. It is worth to visit the place, even just to see for yourself how it looks in reality.

Magda G.

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