MISA LISA: great vegan spot in Wilda!

10338736_199296727080824_5433628292367263367_nI love cooking and that’s probably why I don’t eat out too often, however, from time to time I like to check out new food spots, especially those which appear in my own backyard. MISA LISA, a vegan restaurant, located on Górna Wilda street, has been around for a couple of months now. As I pass by this place every day on my way home, one afternoon I decided to stop by and try it out. And I must say that I would definitely have visited the place earlier, had it not been for their odd opening hours (they are open only from 1 till 7 p.m.).

From the outside, the restaurant looks rather unassuming, but still quite inviting. I really like the tiny fox (so cute!), but is the food really so delicious that it could even make a fox go vegan?

As you enter the restaurant, a homely ambience can be felt immediately. It’s a very small place, the décor is simple but very cozy. Friendly and relaxed service adds to the overall experience.


It turned out that the restaurant has no regular menu, each day a different dish is served. When I visited the place, there were two options to choose from, though I’m not sure whether it’s a rule. If you’re a particularly picky eater and the element of surprise isn’t something you look forward to when your tummy’s rambling, you can always check what’s on the menu on a given day on their Facebook page, just to be on the safe side and make sure you leave the place full and satisfied.

Ok, let’s get to the point: the food was truly delicious!

I decided to go for a pancake with hummus, pea and parsley mousse and grated Parmesan, couscous with poppy seeds, chickpea tomato stew, and collard greens with tomatoes. Although the dish appeared to be a kind of flavour mishmash at first, all flavours worked beautifully together.


I must say that there’s not much I didn’t like about the dish. Fresh ingredients, great seasoning and perfect cooking time. Different flavours and textures made me want to keep on eating. The only thing I didn’t like was the hummus, its texture was smooth and creamy as it should be, but it tasted simply like a blended chickpea, it had no garlic, no cumin and way too little tahini (for my taste at least).

I found the portion size reasonably big, which is good, and not so good if you want to treat yourself to a piece of amazing-looking chocolate cake, but you’re already full.

All in all, I would definitely recommend MISA LISA to everyone as it shows that vege cuisine can be colourful, flavoursome, well-balanced and delicious. The place turned out to be great value for money and I will visit it again.


Photo credit: MISA LISA

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