Do it your own way! – Creative Journaling

Do you sometimes clean your room and by the end of it find yourself surrounded by piles of scraps of paper you decided not to throw away because of the memories they bring? A ticket from a random evening escapade to the cinema, a paper bracelet from that nightclub you didn’t really want to enter but your friends convinced you to and you spent the greatest time you’ve had in months, or maybe a funny note your flat mates left for you on your birthday – that and all the other things you’ve been hording for months (or years, if you please) you can now legally keep in your possession forever (or just as long as you wish), in a form of lovely journals everybody will be asking you about the second they see them on your shelf.

So how do you get started, you ask? Well, the ideas are endless and they all depend on your own imagination and creativity. You can take one idea and modify it to your own liking or you can follow the blueprints of your journaling ancestors. But to give you some idea about how to get around it, here is a list of a few popular types of journals you can do yourself and customize.

  1. Use your calendar!

So you got another calendar at work and you don’t really like the cover, nor will you ever use it as a keep-at-home calendar? Great! When it comes to journaling you have more than half the work done here, because the book is already made for you. You can now customize the cover as you wish and use the pages in the order you find appropriate, ignoring or obeying the imprinted dates. Grab your washi tape or a bottle of glue and stick all your scraps and tickets there. You can also use your nicest pens and write your heart out on the trustworthy pages.



  1. Grab an old book and cut!

This journaling book may take a little bit more time and patience, but the final effect can be stunning. Have an old school handbook of the subject you hated? Cut it and turn it into a journal and enjoy having it in your space. To find out how to make it step by step visit our blog for a tutorial.




  1. Find some useless envelopes and get gluing!

This is by far the simplest 100% DIY journal you’ll ever hear about. Grab a bunch of envelopes of the same shape and glue them together with no additional resources or seemingly complicated operations like book binding. To learn how to make this simple journal visit our blog and follow our steps!

envelj2     envelj1


  1. Junk journal – utilize those leftovers!

Here comes our favourite type of journal, where you can use and bind together all (literally ALL) of the paper leftovers you’ve collected. Once you gather the scraps, tickets and photographs you can bind a book of your choice, prepare a cover you’ve been dreaming of and begin journaling on its extraordinary pages. If you’d like to find out how to bind this kind of journal read our blog and we’ll make it easy for you!

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Now that you have learnt more about journaling and you’re probably developing deep love for it, you can go on and make your own book! If you need guidance or clearer ideas for your journaling, follow our blog and soon you’ll be able to read step-by-step tutorials and find out about fun, creative ways of decorating your journal. Join us in the journaling journey!

Malgo T.

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