Some amazing female songs which you probably don’t know (but you should!)

I think every friend of mine knows that I am obsessed with music – especially pop music! I can listen to my favorite tracks over and over again and, still, I can’t get enough of them. Because music is so relevant in my life, I can’t stand people claiming that “pop music sucks nowadays”… HELL NO! If you think so, you probably just follow #1 hits or you are too lazy to explore new music. That’s why I decided to create my own list of female songs (consisting both of Polish and foreign artists) that most people don’t know but they definitely should. Let’s go! 😀


Kayah – “Jak skała” (“As a rock”)

Kayah is one of the very few Polish artists who is appreciated both among general public and listeners who shy away from mainstream pop. In 2009, she released an amazing track called “Jak skała” (“As a rock”), which is, unfortunately, barely recognizable in Poland. I have loved this track since the very first listening! The single is very intriguing and unusual since it consists of two totally different parts – the first is very romantic, while the other one is all about rock guitars and up-tempo. It is really worth to listen to!

Madonna – “Gang Bang”


Yeah, the title. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me – this song is not about sex 😉 Actually, this is about… killing a boyfriend. The lyric itself is very unconventional, maybe even controversial. My favorite part of the lyric is “And I’m going straight to hell; And I’ve got a lot of friends there”. But that’s not the end, the sound is even more innovative! The music evokes associations with russian roulette because it includes the sounds of gunshots. I’m sure that you haven’t heard such a song yet.

Justyna Steczkowska – ”Terra”

Another Polish artist, another astonishing song. In Poland, Justyna Steczkowska is perceived as the best female vocalist in the country, but, unfortunately, her latest studio album called “Anima” didn’t top the charts. This is very regrettable because the album is totally out of this world – especially the first single called “Terra”. The track raises a subject of passing time and human being as a part of  the universe, and the music combines two contrasting genres –  electronic and alternative music. Beautiful song which gives much food for thought.

Anastacia – “Lifeline”


Anastacia is widely known for her up-tempo mega hits as “I’m Outta Love” and “One Day In Your Life”, which are summer anthems for sure! But very few people know her last record “Resurrection”, where she comments on battling cancer in of the songs called “Lifeline”. Okay, when you listen to this song you feel anything but cold, but this is beautiful how she uses music to express her biggest fears and experiences which were extremely tough. Pain creates one of the best songs and this song is a perfect example of this.

Nicki Minaj – “Grand Piano”


Big ass and plastic doll – these are the first two things that come to mind when people hear “Nicki Minaj”. Although she can be these, she also did a wonderful song which is a… raw piano ballad. Surprised? Anyway, I’m not saying you must love Nicki but this one is really worth to listen to because the song is very well-produced and I’m sure many pop divas would consider recording this one. And the track shows Minaj from a totally different perspective. Point for you, Nicki!

Virgin – “To Ty” (“It’s You”)

Probably the name of the band “Virgin” doesn’t ring any bells to you. What about Doda? Oh yes, you know her for sure! Similarly to Nicki Minaj, she is perceived as a typical and mediocre pop singer but few know that at the beginning of her career she released a very rock longplay with her band. And by saying rock longplay I really mean ROCK music. The best example of this is the first single from this album called “To Ty” (“It’s You”), released in 2002. Just give it a chance and you will be totally startled how this girl used to sound.

Christina Aguilera – “Oh Mother”

Christina Aguilera is a fantastic vocalist but her music is not only about outstanding vocals – she treats her music as her diary. Some of her songs touch upon really private stories of her life and one of them is “Oh Mother”. The song is basically about the hell which she had gone through because of her dad. In the song, she tells a story of her father who beat her mother and terrrorised the whole family. This song is a real gem.

Agnieszka Chylińska – “Borderline”


Agnieszka Chylińska is a phenomenon on the Polish rock music market. A few years ago, she was heavily bashed after realising her dance longplay but come on… it’s time to get over it! In 2016, she released another longplay called “Forever Child” and it’s very good! Personally, I love one of the song which hasn’t been released as a single yet (I hope they will release it) called “Borderline”. Actually, the song is what I love in music the most – the mix of extremely different sides of sounds. The whole track is very electronic but also very rock since it includes many guitars. And Agnieszka’s voice changes every second from calm to noisy and chaoitic. Just one word – AMAZING!

The list is totally subjective, I know, but I hope you will enjoy at least some of the songs which I’ve chosen. They are different but equally one-of-a-kind. And that’s what I love the most about pop music!


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