Why not…travel alone?

I’ve always loved traveling. Visiting new places, meeting new people, the ever-present sense of adventure…

But there’s something that always accompanies me during my journeys. Or someone. Because I’ve never traveled on my own. Wherever I went, I took my friends with me. Why? I’m simply afraid of traveling alone.

As spring is slowly approaching, I’m looking for new destinations to discover. This time, I want to give traveling individually a try. I just need a little encouragement, so I’ve searched through the Internet and found four reasons for traveling alone that sound convincing to me. I hope the list will also be helpful to anybody who, just like me, is scared of lonely journeys.


1. You can learn something about yourself
Sometimes traveling solo allows you to understand what you actually like or dislike. But we all know that it’s not purely about fun and pleasure. When you’re on a journey, some tough situations may happen too, so this can be a great test of your abilities and a way to push your limits. It sounds fascinating that after going on a trip on your own you can even return home as a different person.

2. You can learn something about others
Traveling solo can show you a new perspective on some things. We’re accustomed to living according to one vision of reality only – ours. But there are as many ways of life as there are people on Earth. Going on your own makes you see more of them, so you learn about how others deal with life, and this can be really helpful sometimes.


3. You can improve your social skills
Traveling alone (unless you’re planning a trip to a jungle or a desert island) forces you to talk to people. Sometimes you’ll just need their help, so interactions with others are unavoidable. It’s a great lesson to get rid of your shyness or fear. It’s even greater when you travel abroad and meet people from around the world – that’s a real challenge!

4. You control everything
There are various types of fellow travelers – some are more acquiescent than others. But when you travel alone, it’s totally up to you where you go, what you do, or how much time you want to devote to sightseeing, for example. It’s your journey only, from the beginning to its end.


So maybe there’s truth in the saying that the best companion you can have while traveling is yourself?
This year I’m definitely going to verify that!

Photos: private photos, Wikipedia

Anna P.

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