Healthy relationships- how not to kill anybody

Having your second half is the most beautiful experience in the world! You have someone with whom you can share your joy – trying out ice skating for the first time, eating the best kebab in the city or exploring the narrow streets of Barcelona.

Maintaining a healthy relationship, however, also involves hard work. Everyone who has ever been in one, no matter whether it was a friendship, a partnership or a marriage, can confirm that there are conflicts and disagreements that happen from time to time. To cut down on a number of such tensions and avoid possible misunderstandings, we can follow these simple and easy-to-apply rules:

Keep communication simple

Sweeping your grief and regret under the carpet is not the best way to solve problems. Instead, try to talk openly with your partner and inform him or her about your needs and expectations, because the worst thing that you can do is to force him/her to guess what the source of the problem is.

Explore the world together

By this I mean not only travels, but also trying out new things together. Maybe you have always dreamt about eating sushi, reaching the top of the highest climbing wall or eating dinner in a dark restaurant? The pleasure of trying these things will be much greater with your second half by your side.

Never stop dating

No matter how many excuses you have: nothing interesting in the cinema, a lot of work or no money, you should keep dating. Without talking about work and children, spend some time getting to know each other better. Planning and organising a date once or twice a week may bring some freshness into your daily routine. It is also a great example for children who will know that apart from being parents you are a husband and a wife.

Find time for yourself

Even if you are the best couple in the world, you cannot do everything together. Each of you needs his/her private space and time to spend meeting with long-lost friends or watching the favourite series. A person who keeps balance between the time for a partner and time for oneself is more satisfied and relaxed, which has an influence on the quality of a relationship.

Surprise your partner

When was the last time you surprised him or her without any occasion? The duties of daily life might be absorbing but you have to remember what your priorities are. Do not hesitate and buy flowers, make breakfast or write a love letter to show that you care.

Now, have a go and make your relationship better! 😉

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