Stara Paczkarnia



Looking for Poznan’s best cake shop? Look no further. Frankly speaking, labelling this place a cake shop is a bit of a cop out as the menu features only doughnuts. Playing a little bit with English, let’s call this place a doughnuttery( the original name is Stara Paczkarnia). It is not just any banal sounding cake shop, but a stylish and refined-sounding dougnuttery.

This is a perfect place for those in a tearing hurry as you pay 2,5 zlotych for a mouth-watering doughnut and go away as quickly as possible so as not to buy another one. At the end of the day that would be pretty calorific!


Still, how many doughnuts  must you eat to feel pretty full, one is certainly not enough. But do not be afraid such gluttony will not reach you, the moment you eat one doughnut at the dougnuttery. They are not like typical small, air-pumped doughnuts. Their secret is in a larger-than-standard size, good flour, fresh oil and a staggering selection of fillings. Just one doughnut, not three or four, will make you eat your fill. At least you will feel no remorse because one is always a safe option whereas after eating three you will have to run a marathon.


The design is what you would call PRL ( Polish People’s Republic). There are some old photos showing the doughnuttery’s age-old tradition on the shop window whereas the interior is perhaps too literally bland for my liking. People assume the role of a Peeping Tom because the dougnuttery is simply a window shop. Since you cannot enter inside, it is truly the best place for those in a hurry.


Extraordinarily, the menu offers a selection of doughnuts with strawberries, berries, peaches, poppy seed, chocolate, raspberries, bounty, rafaello, banana and, ultimately, rose. While I wasn’t able to try all the tastes at once, the poppy seed with cottage cheese has certainly given me an excuse to return. Actually every time I pace around Półwiejska street, a new taste attracts me.

The place is also teeming with other doughnut lovers who wait patiently in a commie-style queue any time of the day. What is also lovely is that you see the whole process of making doughnuts. Enormous and transparent windows make you see the confectioners preparing mouth-watering doughnuts. Filling them with home-made jams that will leave you licking your lip and wanting more!



I do not know what are you waiting for- pop into dougnutttery pay a dirt cheap 2,5 and enjoy tucking into soft-centered doughnuts. However, beware of the consequences because it’s dollars to doughnuts that you will simply adore this place the way I do.




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