Vege Pizza review

12651114_512153922290876_3420709495952818081_nPoznan is a great city which abounds in a variety of food places for all kinds of tastes. However, until recently it wasn’t that easy to get a vegan pizza, so when I got to know about this fancy new little eatery I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to try it out myself.

What first attracts in Vege Pizza is its convenient location, namely, Głogowska street – 600m from the Western Railway Station. It is open everyday from 11 till 21 and on Sunday from 12-20. The inside of the place welcomes you with an old school atmosphere which is created by shabby furniture, an old TV set with a retro video game console and pads. One may make a trip down memory lane and enjoy their time playing while waiting for the order. Also, you can unwind from the surrounding mainstream reality by leafing through unique magazines and posters promoting underground events you won’t see anywhere else. Additionally, the place manifests its openness by being pet-friendly; when you enter the place, oftentimes you may be greeted at the doorway by a cheerful dog, just as if you were visiting your friend’s house.

But these aspects are only a background to the bistro’s main specialty – a variety of vegan and vegetarian pizza. The stuff caters to your different tastes by introducing to the menu a nice alternative to the traditional Italian-based pizza types, for example, beetroot, zucchini, tempeh or jalapeño pizza. A nice touch to the offer is the fact that with each pizza ordered, you can choose whether you would like it with vegan or vegetarian cheese. Although the name suggests the place is solely a pizzeria, in fact, it offers a wide selection of other dishes, ranging from hot-dogs, salads or farinata. One of the daily adjustments to the regular menu they make is a soup of the day as well as cakes, muffins, croissants and desserts offered by a vegan-friendly company, called BEZ JAJ. As far as prices are concerned, you are unlikely to spend a fortune in there, as you may fill your stomach for slightly less than 20zl. The prices of pizzas range from 12-18zl, which, given the quality of the products, sounds like a reasonable expense.


However, there are some flaws in this jewel of the vegan restaurant market. Among Vege Pizza’s disadvantages I can definitely mention the place’s lack of space as it is very often overcrowded, especially in the evenings, due to the insufficient amount of seats. Discussing the seats themselves, they are quite uncomfortable as they are simple benches made of wood without any back support. Although when it comes to the food itself, there is really nothing to complain about, the way it is served leaves a lot to be desired. In particular, plastic cutlery and plates do not allow you to fully enjoy the tastes. Lastly, the place may feel ideologically invasive as there are many overt references to leftist and anarchist culture that are promoted all over the bistro. Therefore, people who are not that into politics may find it difficult to enjoy their stay in Vege Pizza while being surrounded by so many allusions.

All in all, Vege Pizza is a place that you are obliged to visit if you are keen on discovering the world of nature-friendly tastes. Those minor disadvantages do not scratch the overall, highly positive image of the place, and Vege Pizza seems to be a truly unique enclave on a bleak, common and exploited territory of food serving places.

Sara M.


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