Justyna Steczkowska takes us to another world with her “Anima” show [DVD review]

In 2014, Justyna Steczkowska released the album called “Anima”, which, as she admitted, was a genuine breakthrough in her discography. “It’s a very important record for me because it’s about man in the context of the universe”, she said. Delighted with the quality of the album, I was tempted to buy the DVD from the tour of the same name. For a person who didn’t have the chance of seeing Justyna live, this was a great opportunity to experience the show. Without a second thought, I reached for “Anima Live” and… I don’t regret my decision!

jusia 1.jpg

(photo: Jastrzabpost.pl)

The release of “Anima Live” (CD + DVD) coincided with International Women’s Day, which, as mentioned by Justyna, was intended. The album features the recording of the show in London (Union Chapel), which concluded the whole tour. Apart from that, the album contains backstage and three music videos which promoted the album. Starting “from the very beginning”, a few words on the concert…

After watching the DVD, I was nothing but speechless. The concert is pure magic. Since the concept of the “Anima” album is all about the spirit and universe, she couldn’t have chosen a better place than Union Chapel, which is a Gothic, marvelous church. What is most important to Justyna is her music, and you can feel it while watching the show. During the concert, Justyna performs the large majority of the new compositions, which I appreciate. The highlights of the concert are two performances: “To co jest Ci dane” (“The given thing”) and “Modlitwa” (“Prayer”). Regrettably, the concert lacks one of the most beautiful songs from the album called “Tam” (“There”). Anyway, all the songs were performed live, both by Justyna and her band, which isn’t really that common nowadays (most bands use some recorded instruments in the background). It is pertinent to note that Justyna performed in a special golden “birdy” costume, which adds charm to the whole show.

jusia 2.jpg

(photo: YouTube)


Unfortunately, the DVD doesn’t contain the full show. All speeches and interludes were cut off, which is something I don’t quite understand. Moreover, they cut also a few entire songs, which is surprising since these were one of her biggest hits [i.e. “Grawitacja” (“Gravity”)]. I suppose they did it on purpose, in order to keep it fresh and stay focused on the new material, but, still, I would have definitely preferred to watch the whole thing. This is, however, compensated by a unique and stunning visual side of the album, including the packaging, cover, and booklet. Looks like it was all done by top-shelf graphics. Bravo!

Jusia 3.jpg Jusia 4.jpg

Jusia 5.jpgJusia 6.jpg


All in all, the DVD is really worth watching and I recommend it even to people who may not have appreciated Justyna’s art so far. If you love her, you will love the concert. If you don’t like her, it’s something she’s never done before, so you can convince yourself to her. If you don’t know her, it’s high time to change this! The DVD confirms my opinion that Justyna is a fantastic vocalist and one of the greatest artists in Poland of all time. I hope very much that it will not be long before I see her live! In the meantime, I’m returning (once again) to the album 😉




Damian Purczyński


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