Visiting the butcher – “U Rzeźników” review


With more and more vegan restaurants cropping up in Poznań at an exorbitant rate, connoisseurs of meat will appreciate places like “U Rzeźników” even more. Established in October 2015, “U Rzeźników” almost completely disregards meat-free dishes and focuses on satisfying its clientele with beef and pork. Located on Kościuszki Street, the restaurant makes good use of its close proximity to three universities and offers discounts for always-hungry students. Nevertheless, “U Rzeźników” does not restrict itself to one “target audience” and everyone is more than welcome to visit it, as long as he or she loves meat, of course!

Upon entering the restaurant, one immediately gets the impression that one has been there before. The industrial interior, so typical for a myriad of eateries, makes “U Rzeźników” look like any other restaurant. Such a solution, naturally, does the job and absolutely suits this particular place, however, a pinch of variety would not go amiss. The interior is spacious and very open, with only one separate alcove. This means that “U Rzeźników” might be perfect for business meetings, but couples and smaller groups of friends certainly will not feel like a fish out of water there.

On my first visit to “U Rzeźników”, I booked a table for two – it was my girlfriend’s birthday, so our expectations were very high. When the menu landed on our table, we took a while to read through it. The amount of dishes the restaurant offers is perfectly balanced. It does not overwhelm, but at the same time everyone will find something that suits them best. The choice ranges from salads and appetisers to steaks, burgers and ribs. You will not eat a thing for small potatoes, but prices will definitely not leave you penniless. After a moment’s thought, I ordered the Butcher’s Style Burger (beef, bacon, cheddar, white onion, dijon and salad) with French fries, whereas my girlfriend chose BBQ Ribs with baked potatoes and red cabbage salad. Since the birthday party still awaited us, we ordered a pot of tea to quench our thirst.

1st visit

The waiter did not keep us waiting for our food too long. Having taken the mandatory photo session of our meal, we were ready to eat. From the very first bite, I knew I had made the right choice. The burger was one of the best I have ever eaten (and many have I eaten, indeed). The meat was excellent, the bacon crunchy, and the crispy French fries constituted a great (and obligatory) addition. The ribs did not let my girlfriend down either – the meat was succulent, and it tasted even better with barbecue sauce. Together with potatoes and salad, this meal was just perfectly composed.

Encouraged by our previous sensations, we opted for an identical configuration on our next visit to “U Rzeźników” a few months later. Nothing had changed as far as my burger was concerned, but the ribs did not seem to taste the same. The meat lacked its previous delicacy – on the earlier occasion, it literally melted in the mouth. We were, however, unsure whether this time it was the cook’s fault or the first impression made us exaggerate the quality of service. We would recommend this dish notwithstanding.

2nd visit

Our third and, by far, final visit to the restaurant leaves us less complimentary about “U Rzeźników”. We arrived there with a group of friends on Sunday evening. Excluding one or two couples, the restaurant was empty like a typical student’s pocket in the closing stage of every month. Four of us chose the Classic Burger (beef, tomato, dill pickle, cheddar, red onion, salad, mayonnaise and ketchup), whilst one “misfit” selected the Burger with Egg and Bacon (beef, fried egg, bacon, cheddar, red onion, salad and chives-mayonnaise sauce). Unsurprisingly, given how packed with people the restaurant was, we were provided with burgers in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, they were, at best, warmish. Moreover, a pint of beer should only fuel everyone’s hunger and make burgers taste even better. It did not. We agreed that one ingredient was to blame for that. The ketchup absolutely killed the meal. It tastes good with French fries or frankfurters or toasts, but it ruined the whole composition here. To sugar the pill, our “misfit” was fully satisfied with his choice and lauded egg for perfectly topping the dish.

Despite the last experience, I am sure I will return to “U Rzeźników”. The restaurant might not be everybody’s number one, but it should have a solid position on the culinary map of Poznań. With full responsibility, I can encourage every meat lover to visit it. Just make sure to avoid the Classic Burger, since it may, unfairly, discourage you from coming back there time and again.

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